To create a tangible difference in the lives and communities of the people we serve.

We firmly believe that we exist to make a positive difference in people's lives. Our primary aim is to contribute to the communities in which we operate and to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people who call these communities home.


Dorset Capital Limited is a registered money lending company that offers financial solutions to employees, informal traders and small businesses

We strive to perform well beyond expectations, operating with technical expertise and commitment to deliver tailored financial products that ensure client satisfaction and encourage client growth Our clients can benefit from a be spoke service that is tailored to each customer's needs


Welcome to our Loans and Products section! Here you'll find information about the various loans and financial products we offer to help meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking to boost your business, start a business, or consolidate your debts, we have a range of flexible and affordable options available to suit your situation.

Private Payroll Loans

These are private payroll loans that are offered to private employees through partnerships with their employers. The loans can be used for groceries, school fees, business start up, building assistance, funeral and wedding expenses etc.

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Government Payroll Loans

These are salary based loans for civil servants. The loans can be used for groceries, school fees, business start-up, building assistance, funeral and wedding expenses etc.

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Business Loans

These are loans for small to medium sized businesses mainly used for working capital and further investments. These loans have a repayment period of up to 6 months.

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DorsetPay is a type of short term financing that allows consumers to make purchases from approved retailers and pay for them at a future date, interest free.

DorsetPay makes larger value items more affordable for shoppers as they can spread the cost of purchase over a period of up to 90 days at no extra cost.

Key features of DorsetPay:

  • No interest to pay every order is entirely interest free, no matter the basket value or term of loan.
  • No early repayment charges
  • Flexibility - you can choose the period over which you want to spread the cost of your order.
  • Fixed amounts - monthly payments are fixed at the same amount over the term of your loan.


Ronna Mayawa

Ronna owns a restaurant which she has been running some time and she heard about us through our marketers. She originally would get her funding through village banking but she opted for us because of the tenure and favourable terms. Her restaurant was not doing so well but she has been able to revive and stabilise her business since she started working with us. She also likes the fact that the regular payment reduces the financial burden of a bulk payment at the end of the loan.

Mr. Simon Tito

Simon is a businessman that deals in dry foods and peanut butter making. Initially, he used to sell fruits and veggies before he went into the peanut butter making. With the business loans he has been given access to funding which he used to venture into the peanut butter making and it has proved to be very profitable. Simon likes the tailor made funding solutions that Dorset offers.

Mr. Thomas Phiri

Thomas is in the clothing business and he is one of our first clients. His business has grown significantly since he started working with us. His stock levels have gone up and he also opened an additional store. Dorset has helped him grow and expand. He has been impressed by how Dorset is always available to help in times of need.

Miss Kasweka

Miss Kasweka is a tailor and she sells clothes and fabric in her shop. Dorset provided solutions to working capital problems when business was slow. This has seen her business grow and increase revenue lines. Miss Kasweka likes Dorset because the loan officers took time to understand her problems before suggesting effective financing solutions.

Ms. Harriet Mamba

Harriet sells chitenges and ladies and gents clothes. She is the breadwinner of her household and has been able to sustain and grow her business through the loans she has had access to. Harriet likes Dorset because the team was available at the right time to help with funding.

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